Quick way to track your earnings and lessons
Simple accounting and timetable for your private language teaching practice. Track and schedule lessons and payments. Effortlessly. No frills, no more fiddling with Excel. As simple as note taking.
Simple accounting. As easy as taking notes
Add your students and start taking notes with billed time and received payments. Billed time will be automatically converted to money. Get a clear view of due payments and prepaid lessons.

What can be easier! 👍
Keep notes per student
Create simple text notes for students and for individual lessons. Never forget home assignments again.
Plan your classes easily. FinList will remind you
Clean view of your timetable for today. The app will remind you to mark past classes.

Never forget to bill for past class again 👌
Try adding your first lesson today
As easy as picking student, date and duration. Keep adding lessons and payments as they flow in to get overview of your practice financials.
Simple analytics and financial goals β
Know your earnings, achieve your goals. FinList will help you by showing your financial and time stats per month.
Student page and simple invoicing β
We know sometimes it is hard to talk about money. Share your FinList with student so they when it is time to pay. Your students will see clear picture what they are paying for and you get your payments faster.
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